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Dear Parents,

I am delighted to commend to you this new version of the School Website. I do hope that you will find time to read it carefully for I believe that it is important that you are aware of the procedures and policies we have for the benefit of your child.

It is very important to us that our pupils and parents know who are the people that they can turn to for help and advice. At K N Kela we place a great emphasis on being able to contact the person who can help you if you have any queries.

Your point of contact for both Academic and other matters is your child’s Class Teacher. It is the job of the teacher to monitor your child’s academic and overall wellbeing. Your concern will be treated seriously and if the teacher cannot solve it then the relevant person i.e the School Head should be contacted.

Academic Matters

  • Your child’s teacher may refer your concern to the Head of the Department or the School Head.
  • The Asst. Head is overall in charge of academic matters assisted by the School Supervisor.
  • You can contact any of these people directly but it is always advisable to do so through your child’s Class Teacher.

Other Matters

  • The Class Teacher is also responsible for your child’s overall well being.
  • Your child’s Class Teacher is responsible for encouraging him/her to participate in School co-curricular activities.
  • The School Head is the Overall in-charge for all disciplinary matters.
  • The School Asst. Head is always available to assist parents in matters of concern.
  • The School Supervisor is always available to assist pupils with participation in various activities. 

If your concern is of a confidential nature and you would prefer to speak to the Head, please feel free to do so. We are a School which has at its heart people who care about your child and who want only the best. We would appreciate your support and co-operation when we request a high standard of work and behaviour. We are proud of our School and to us the pupils are our best ambassadors who take pride to say “I am a true Kelaite”. K N Kela is not just a School but a way of life. We aim to encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of activities which help to develop personal, physical, technical and social skills which transforms them into high class citizens of the world. I hope that your child entrusted to us will flourish and will be able to fulfil all the dreams that you cherish. Please be assured that I and my staff are here to do our best for your child. With best wishes, ‘School Head’

MRS. CHAITALI BISWAS (Headmistress')

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