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Relay – Bags Second Prize At Maharashtra State Drama Competition

The Marathi drama"'Relay" has made the Kelaites feel proud. It bagged many prizes at different levels. At the state level "Relay" bagged the second prize, a cash prize of Rs.60,000. Individual prizes were bagged by Mr. Dhananjay Wable for direction, Mr Raju Hitange for stage decoration, Mst.Sharvayu Dhemse as the Best Actor All these prizes were given in the Prize Distribution Ceremony held in Kolhapur on 21st July, 2019.

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PTA and MTA Installation ceremony

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

The PTA and MTA works for the overall development of the students. The PTA meetings for std V to X was held from 25th to 27th June respectively.

In the Installation ceremony held on 16th July the members unanimously elected the Vice presidents and co-secretaries of PTA and MTA.

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Ashadi Ekadashi

Ashadi Ekadashi is one of the most religious festival that is celebrated in Maharashtra. The eleventh bright day of Ashad has a great significance and is known as Maha Ekadashi or Ashadi Ekadashi. This year it was celebrated on 12th July. The students of std 7th C showed the importance of this festival in the morning assembly. They dressed up in the tradional attires took out a dindi around and inside the school premises. The abhangas of Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram was sung.

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Students Excel in the Abacus Exam

The 7th PAMA INDIA Abacus National Competition was held on 3rd Nov 2019 in Pune. The students excel in this exam. Ms.Devashree Sagare got championship award.

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A Meeting with The Transport Committee

Autorickshaws carrying school children continue to flirt rules, endangering the lives of little children. The High Court has been repeatedly instructing authorities ,schools and transporters to take steps to ensure the safety of school children.

Keeping this in view an informal meeting of auto rickshaw drivers was held in school on 25th Nov , 2019 . The Headmistress presided over tge meeting.The Asst Headmistress and the superviser Mr Raghunath Gaikwad were also present for the meeting.

In this meeting the drivers were informed about the rules of the RTO. They were made aware that the safety of the lives of the children were the first priority so the drivers were urged to be disciplined while parking the vehicles ,entering the school premises , taking the children and boarding into the riskshaw.The safety of the children is in thier hands so reckless driving should be avoided.

Each one was given an identify card to avoid any kind of confusion . They were made aware that a small careless act can lead to big mishaps. So like everyone they are bound to follow the traffic rules.

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70th Constitution Day Observed.

Constitution Day also known as Samvidhan Diwas is celebrated in India on 26th November every year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. On 26th November, 1949, the constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India and it came into force 26th January, 1950.

This day was observed with great importance. The tricolour was unfurled by the superviser Mr. Raghunath Gaikwad followed by the National Anthem .The students of std IX- B presented a short programme on the importance of the day. They spoke on Dr.B.R. Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian constitution and his contributions. A PPT presentation was put up to show “The making of the Indian Constitution”. It is our duty to keep up the dignity of the constitution.

The Indian Tricolour is being hoisted by Mr. Raghunath Gaikwad.

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Picnic Time Fun Time.

The students of std 5th to 8th went for a picnic to Venketesh Nagar, Igatpuri. It was an exciting trip. The picnic spot had rock climbing, adventure park, archery and rain dance. The children relishled the delicious food served. The visit to the Jain temple was a memorable one. The students enjoyed the trip very much.

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Students Excel in English Marathon Exam

English Marathon Exam was introduced for the students of V to IX last year. Around 25 students appeared for the exam and became meritorious. 21 students appeared the State Level exam and 13 students became meritorious. Mst. Saicharan Tallam was the school topper. Congratulations!!!

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National Mathematics Open Test 2018

The Students who excelled in The National Mathematics Open Test 2018 conducted by Resonance are :- Mst Borade Varad, Mst Jadhav Om, Mst Kashyap Tanmay, Mst. Panchariya Siddharth & Ms. Dhadiwal Durva. Students Excel in Maths Science Talent Exam.

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Students Excel in Science Exhibition

Students of std X Mst. Shivam Harak, Mst. Yash Khalkar and Mst. Sharvayu Dhemse participated in the TYSON online Science Exhibition and won second prize of Rs.1100.

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Science Exhibition

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